My Background & Services

I am a mother of two adult sons and I live in Alexandra, Central Otago, NZ. I work as a tutor in an after school education programme and I have been involved in amateur theatre locally since 1996.

I gained my teaching certificate and BEd through Dunedin Teachers' College and Otago University. I am an active member of CANZ (Celebrants Association of New Zealand) and am currently on the committee for the Southern Region. One of my other interests is riding my motorbike. Central Otago is a magic place to enjoy the ride!

I am a teacher by training, an amateur theatre buff by desire and a celebrant by passion. All three, plus the other elements of my life, go together to make my hobbies, income, challenges and satisfaction.

I have been taking funerals since 2006 and became an Independent Marriage Celebrant in 2008. While they are quite different in form and structure, they both require similar skills and the ability to meet the needs of the people I work for. 

I believe that ongoing professional development is important in my role as a celebrant so I attend as many training courses as possible. My various interests and employment dovetail nicely, combining the skills required to be able to offer you a full and creative celebrant service. 


Your wedding day should reflect your personalities, and that is how I see my role as an independent marriage celebrant- in helping you to prepare your wedding ceremony. It is, after all, the part of the day that turns a gathering for family and friends, into a wedding. It can be as formal and traditional, or relaxed and creative as suits you. Religious or non religious.
Following our initial consultation and meeting, I will provide you with the information and resources you need for me to create your unique ceremony. Support with knowledge of the legal requirements, applying for your marriage licence and marriage certificate, the elements that are required by law in the ceremony and all the extra things that you may like are included in my role as your celebrant . 

I will communicate on a regular basis as we put together the ceremony, attending a rehearsal prior to the day and leading the ceremony on the wedding day. 

Following the signing of the paperwork I will present you with your copy and a copy of your wedding ceremony. I will register your marriage with the court. 

I am your support person who can guide you through this process so that in many years to come you can look back at this day with fond memories. 

A wedding day does not make a marriage- you do, as you share you lives together over the years to come.

Useful information at The Dept of Internal Affairs Births Deaths and Marriages


Funeral services are part of a process of grief and healing that I believe are vital to us as human beings. The tradition of ceremony assists us as a family and community of people to express our many emotions at the time of the death of someone close to us. 

Of course, none of this is easy. But as your celebrant I would guide you through the process, encouraging you to include the thoughts, music, people and memories that bring honour to the deceased and comfort to those who attend.

Baby Namings

This is not a christening or baptism as they are religious and church based ceremonies that require a minister of religion. But for many people. the arrival of a new born into their family is a time for shared celebration and a baby naming or blessing is a lovely way to do this. 

It is your way of saying “We welcome you to our family as a special and valued member. We will love, support and care for you- always.”

Peter, Ashleigh and Riley Brown